Join the Party!

With Patty Van Herpen

forever falling
to stop
to focus
to appreciate
to Celebrate!!!

I see pictures! My love for photography started at an early age when my mother gave me my first camera. Through the lens, I was able to focus, breathe and take the time to really see. I feel so much gratitude for each experience I have to capture that perfect moment and be able to share it.
Photography has lead me to an amazing career in Art Direction and Graphic Design, where I worked with many photographers on location and studio sets.
I now love to travel and teach photography. I have been co-teaching with Michael Madsen and look forward to assisting him at the Awesome Autumn Foliage Workshop on, November 23rd, at Boyce Thompson Arboretum. With Michael shooting Nikon and myself shooting Canon, participants will be able to get their specific questions answered and receive quality one on one attention.
Thank you for letting me introduce myself.
Happy Shooting!

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